Stock code 832927

With IP research and development as the core, Climax Pictures is an integrated film and television entertainment company that implements IP full copyright and whole industry chain operation. Relying on high-quality innovative contents, the company covers widely in TV series, network drama, film and derivative products and has formed a complete entertainment business ecosystem of content incubation, film and television production, advertising communication, marketing and distribution, brand derivatives and industrial investment. Listed in the new three-board market in July 2015, the company is among the first enterprises that gain a spot in the innovation layer in 2016.




In 2012, Climax Pictures was founded.

In 2014, Climax Pictures went through the stock structure reform.

In 2015, Climax Pictures was listed in the new three-board market

In 2016, Climax Pictures was among the first to get into the new three-board innovation layer.