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Firearms Master

Director: Zhang Hanjie

Starring: Lv Liangwei, Xie Junhao, Sun Song, Zhao Jun, Chai Ou

Plot introduction:

This play tells the story of the firearms master. The “Arsenal on Horseback” of the Eighth Route Army was attacked by Japan’s special operations force and the professor engaging in the weapons research was killed by the Japanese force. So the only hope of weapons research for the Eighth Route Army fell on the professor’s outstanding disciple, a “firearms master” who was coming back to the homeland after completing the study. To protect this “firearms master”, the Eighth Route Army dispatched the elite squad to Shanghai to escort the “firearms master”. With the help of underground workers in Shanghai and through bloody fights of wits and courage with Japanese spies, the special squad of the Eighth Route Army finally escorted the “firearms master” to leave Shanghai successfully.