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Tear Up Your Lies

Directed by: Luo Canran

Starring: Yao Qianyu,Li Wei, Shin Min Hee ,Li Tai, Winston Chao & Xia Lixin

Plot introduction:

Waking up from a liver donation surgery, Li Jiayu is horrified to find herself being kidnapped. When she escapes in panic, a car goes straight to hit her...

Li Jiayu has been like living in a fairy tale world, and she has a loving husband and a happy family. As she learns that her father-in-lawis seriously ill and urgently needs a liver transplantoperation, without any hesitation, Jiayu decides to donate her liver. But she does not know she is walking into a trap step by step set byher "loving husband" - He Haoze and "intimate girlfriend" - Zhou Xinyan.

After fallingoff the cliff,Jiayuis saved by Lin Tianming. Because of receiving severe injuries and huge stimuli, she losesher memory. After she is healed, Jiayureturns home.But she can't understandwhy she becomes a thief, why she does not have the right to see her daughter, and why her mother becomespeople with dementia?

To kill Jiayu, the enemiestry in every way. Thanks to Lin Tianming’s help, Jiayu comes safely out of danger. After a series of stimulation, Jiayu’s memory recovers gradually and recalls all the past. She is determined to take revenge for herself and tear up the vicious lies.