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A Murder beside Yanhe River

Director: Wang Fangfang

Starring: Cheng Taishen, Wang Kai, Maohai, Huang Haibing

Plot introduction:

In October 1937 at the moment of comprehensive war of resistance against Japanese aggression, Huang Kegong (played by Wang Kai), the captain of Squad 6 of Military and Political University of Resistance Against Japan, tried forcing a 16-year-old girl called Liu Qian into a marriage but failed and shot her with a gun in Yan’an. Huang Kegong, the murderer, was a meritorious hero among the regimental commanders in the Red Army. The victim was Liu Qian (played by Ma Weiwei), a 16-year-old young girl that went to Yan’an from Taiyuan to join the revolution. How should they judge Huang Kegong? It had only been two months since the establishment of High Court of Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region and the president of high court had not got on board. This heavy responsibility fell onto the shoulders of the Chief Judge, Lei Jingtian (played by Cheng Taishen). Lei Jingtian had participated in Nanchang Uprising, Guangzhou Uprising, Bose Uprising, and had walked through the Long March journey together with Huang Kegong. The judge in the Red Army was going to conduct a trial on the high-ranking officer in the Red Army, and such major case had never happened in the humble court of the border region. Mao Zedong (played by Huang Haibing), He Zizhen (played by Dai Jiang), Zhang Wentian (played by Zhang Jie) and Hu Yaobang (played by Maohai) all participated in this case inevitably. Faced with the public opinions from home and abroad, faced with the angry students and people, faced with the request of veteran red army men, Lei Jingtian withstood the pressure from all sides, and adopted the method of public hearing and democratic sentence to settle this case. On the playground of Shaanbei Public School, there were more than two thousand people present. Hu Yaobang made a statement as the representative of public prosecutors, and 12 representatives of the masses made their statements. Then Huang Kegong made the self-defense in court. In the end, the five people at the trial had an intense debate. Huang Kegong was looking forward to a decree of special pardon from Chairman Mao. Finally, the reply from Mao Zedong arrived and was read out in court. He approved the extreme penalty against Huang Kegong and did not pardon him.