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Strange Doctor Wen Sankuai

Director: Tang Danian

Starring: Feng Yuanzheng, Sun Qian, Yang Lixin, Yang Shuting

Plot introduction:

It tells a story in which the strange doctor Wen Sankuai (played by Feng Yuanzheng) grew together with the motherland during the decades from early Republic of China to the victory of Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. Within just a few decades, Wen Sankuai built up his reputation from nothing, and then had nothing at all again. With the ups and downs, he experienced the joys, sorrows and all vicissitudes of life. And finally at the time of national crisis, he comprehended the meaning of life and became the famous doctor of a generation, saving and rescuing a lot of people. The play miniaturizes the then massive historical layout with the individual destiny of a small person, Wen Sankuai, and embodies the broad and profound Chinese culture by traditional Chinese medicine in the show. This just meets the current “heat of traditional Chinese medicine” and “heat of health preservation”. The story is original and humorous, and is worth watching.