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My Dangerous Lover

Director: Luo Canran

Plot introduction:

She is the heiress to Yueer Group, however a fake princess.

He is freak in the legal profession, but a real prince.

Her father died in a traffic accident and her mother became a human vegetable. She herself was also framed and debunked. With the heirship being removed from her, she turned into a scheming girl down in the dumps from high above. To find the mystery of her father’s death, she tried to obtain the evidence at any cost, even her life, to find out the truth. After she found out the truth, however, she got involved in a more horrible mystery. So she racked her brains in scheming to take back the heirship that she should have been entitled to, but the “little sister” from nowhere made it precarious for her to take the property back.

To crack the complicated and confusing mystery of family origin and take back her deserved heritage, she definitely needed more brains to deal with the crises emerging in endlessly.

His father committed embezzlement crime and his mother suffered from psychosis. He also had an adopted little brother that had leukemia. With all these happening to this sunshine man in adverse situation, his career was full of obstacles and he got abandoned by his girlfriend. To save enough money for the treatment of his mother and his little brother, he did everything to make money. Surprisingly, he found the cruel devil that had persecuted his mother and little brother before.

With the purpose of seeking justice for his mother and little brother, he, as a humble lawyer, was determined to fight against the giant group, unaware that his life had been completely overturned.

One for revenge, one for money, and these two got together and started a dangerous journey of love and hostility.