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Family Property

Director: Zhang Hanjie

Starring: Liu Lili, Jia Nailiang, Sun Song, Zhao Jun, Fan Lei

Plot introduction:

A not too rich family property tests like a touchstone revealing the true nature of three brothers of the Gao Family. All belonging to the middle and low social class, they are tired of the trivial life and are naturally unwilling to let go of their deserved share of the family property. So the sudden death of their father (played by Wu Ma) leaves a difficult question for the family- how to divide the property. Daxiu (played by Liu Lili), elder daughter of the family and being mild in nature, has no intention to get involved in the violent quarrels of her three brothers, but her son Huo Yaoting (played by Jia Nailiang) just cannot sit by. Besides constantly mediating among his broken eldest uncle (played by Sun Song), the honest second uncle (played by Zhao Jun) and the shrewd third uncle (played by Fan Lei), he also needs to play a firefighter role to settle disputes for the aunts, younger cousin brothers and sisters and all other bothersome relatives. Their desperate vie for family property by all possible means makes him exhausted and wonder if kinship is really that fragile before money! An unexpected trouble falls on the family when the heritage battle becomes white-hot. How will the Gao Family choose in a crossroad where kinship leads to the left and money to the right.