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Trial Marriag

Director: Yang Ying

Starring: Sha Yi, Ma Su, Li Naiwen, Lin Jiachuan

Plot introduction:

Ou Shaojie and Jiang Chu’er met with each other at a friend’s party. With the similar experience of breakup, they hit it off and got married on rash impulse. But both of them got muddled about the fact that they were married with each other after they became sober. The parents on both sides got crazy too. These two, under their parents’ guidance, decided to hide the fact that they got married from their friends and go on a trial marriage for some time. It turned out that Ou Shaojie was fully focused on his career while Jiang Chu’er liked to live a delicate life.

After some time together, Ou Shaojie found that he almost told everyone that he had got married in many cases. And Jiang Chu’er also realized that she changed herself a lot for Ou Shaojie. Then a girl called Zuo Chun showed up, which changed the hidden-marriage life that was going on the right track. Ou Shaojie was lost in the ambiguous relationship with Zuo Chun, while Jiang Chu’er arranged her ex-boyfriend to be a “spy” near Ou Shaojie. Eventually, the relation among these four people was revealed, after which, Ou Shaojie and Jiang Chuer got divorced by agreement. After divorce, Ou Shaojie’s career got hit heavily. Jiang Chu’er did not hesitate and sold her marriage house to help Ou Shaojie. It was in this marriage house where they had lived a hurly-burly life that they felt the love between them again.