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The Young Man Meets the Woman

Director: Yang Ying

Starring: Liang Aiqi, Lu Nuo, Lu Sisi, Yang Qing

Plot introduction:

Yu Tong (played by Lu Nuo) who just graduated from college met with the beautiful and kind young women He Mei (played by Liang Aiqi) by accident. He Mei was nine years older than him and had just gone through a frustrated marriage. She also had a kid. Despite all these, they still fell in love irresistibly, but they also felt so much pressure because of such a difference between their ages. He Mei’s mother (played by Yang Qing) thought that Yu Tong was with He Mei just for her money, so she would give money to Yu Tong to make him leave. Yu Tong’s parents could never accept a daughter-in-law that’s so much older than their son and insisted that they should break up. After all the conflicts, they, though deeply in love with each other, had no other choice but breaking up. They started to look for someone new, but all failed. What they both realized later was that they were the love of each other. So they, despite everything, got together again. At this time, He Mei’s ex-husband Xu Tianlu (played by Qi Zhi) found this out and tried to destroy their happiness. Yu Tong got rid of Xu Tianlu’s tangles with all courage. When Yu Tong was excitedly looking forward to marrying He Mei, she died of a disease suddenly. Yu Tong was so mournful and went through a special wedding with He Mei who was in coffin. These two people in love, through all the suffering and fatal challenges, finally crossed the border between life and death and got together.