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Live-in Son-in-Law

Director: Qiao Liang

Starring: Pan Hong, Zhang Xinyi, Zhang Yi

Plot introduction:

Village-born Tian Chong is passionately in love with Zhong Hui who comes from a wealthy urban family. Chen Weihong, mother of Zhong Hui, is firmly against the relationship, but when she knows of her terminal disease, she decides to hide her illness as she wants to make good arrangements for her paralyzed husband and her young and unsophisticated daughter first. So she forcibly makes Tian Chong her live-in son-in-law, hoping that he may take care of her husband and daughter after she dies. But things always go contrary to the plan. After Tian Chong moves in, the huge urban and rural differences and their unlike life concepts bring endless conflicts, at some point almost ruining their family fortune. Fortunately, Tian Chong turns the tide and brings the family business back to life, greatly changing his mother-in-law’s prejudice against him. While things gradually get on the right track, the father-in-law dies of illness first, leaving the heartbroken Zhong Hui blaming her mother for her father’s death. This is a big blow to Chen Weihong, so she quietly transfers the family property to her daughter and leaves, not long before the careful Tian Chong finally finds out the truth of her fatal illness.