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Do Not Dance with Strangers

Director: Liu Guoqing

Starring: He Zhengjun, Wen Zhengrong, Yao Gang, Ding Liuyuan

Plot introduction:

A thrill-seeking wife swap try, plus a depressed and twisted crazy love bring a happy and peaceful family into a whirlpool of spine-chilling horrors. Radio hostess (played by Wen Zhengrong) and doctor Li Rujun (played by He Zhengjun) have been married for years. Despite both having a successful career that others envy, Yu is bored by their life that’s been run out of passion. To spice their life up, the couple agrees to play the wife swap game, not expecting that Li will run into his ex-girlfriend. Nothing happens between the embarrassed ex-lovers and Yu also holds back at the last moment due to self-blame from ethic values. But none of them know their whole life-swap game has been secretly filmed by the hotel workers.