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Start All Over

Director: Yin Aiqun

Starring: Pu Chaoying, Zhao Jun, Xie Yuan, Tong Zhengwei

Plot introduction:

An Yang, an advanced worker in a state-owned garment factory, is married to De Zhong who she brought into town from the village. De Zhong takes care of his mother-in-law, his wife, sister-in-law and daughter wholeheartedly without ever complaining and runs a small greengrocery store, but still cannot win the affection from his mother-in-law. He is looked down as a live-in son-in-law from the rural area and is often neglected by An Yang who’s busy in her factory work. Struggling in love and family life, De Zhong gradually falls in love with a village girl Bai Ling who works for him in the store, but the two are caught on the spot cuddling and flirting by An Yang. Troubles never come alone. The garment factory isn’t making great profits and the plant An Yang works in is closed. She turns down the factory leader’s offer to let her stay, quite confident that she can land another job. But she ends up getting snubbed in the talent exchange center and begins to do some serious self-reflection. One day, De Zhong is making dumplings for their daughter Anan when Bai Ling pagers to tell De Zhong her pregnancy. Knowing An Yang’s unemployment, the mother-in-law vents the anger on De Zhong who finds comforts from the gentle and considerate Bai Ling. De Zhong promises that he will divorce his wife after Anan’s admission into a key senior high school. At the same time, An Yang gets reminded by her elder sister An Yue that a couple will enter a dangerous period in marriage life after getting 40, so she decides to help De Zhong in the grocery store and get to know her husband all over again.